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Listening To Metal While You Study Isn't A Good Idea, Apparently

Your GPA probably isn't great.


If you're listening to metal and studying, congratulations! Your GPA probably isn't very high. At least according to a survey taken by The College Rover.

The survey asked 1,025 students ages 18 to 23 about their study soundtracks and found that students who listen to metal while studying are the least likely to have a high GPA. Only 37% of students who listened to metal whole studying had high GPAs – the rest, not so much.

"Students study for an average of 10 hours each week, and those who listened to music while they studied most often did so to make it more enjoyable," wrote the survey's author. "How frequently they study with music varies: 38% of students said they listen very often, and 27% said they always do. Students also studied with music to reduce stress and get motivated."

"However, not all tunes are helpful for zoning in. Students said hip-hop and rap, heavy metal, and pop were the most distracting genres to listen to while studying. For optimal study sessions, students recommended classical, instrumental, and lo-fi music. Lo-fi is so popular for studying that YouTube channels like Lofi Girl stream 'beats to study to' for millions of subscribers."

The survey also points out that Taylor Swift is the top artist for students with high GPAs. Which means that you have a choice to make – listen to metal and have a low GPA, or suffer through loads of Taylor Swift and be smart. We'll be over here, stupid as fuck thank you very much.

And whole metal might drive down your GPA, at least it's therapeutic. As clinical psychologist Dr. Nicole Andreoli, Ph.D. recently explained, it's all about lessening stress and being able to focus on the tasks at hand.

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