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LAMB OF GOD'S RANDY BLYTHE Assists Scientist Friend With An Experiment

Don't throw those masks away yet!

lamb of god live randy blythe
Photo by Bryce Hall

Dr. Kat, an epidemiologist, recently conducted an experiment regarding the levels of CO2 in and around air travel. But, as the good doctor explained, because she wasn't going to be getting on a flight anytime soon, she enlisted the help of a friend for her experiment: the one and only Mr. D. Randall Blythe of Lamb of God.

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In her TikTok video, Dr. Kat explains, "I'm doing a series of videos on ventilation. [A TikTok follower] has asked what ventilation is like on airplane. And since I wasn't traveling anytime soon, I recruited a friend to help me answer this question." The video then cuts to Randy, outside an airport, introducing himself and explaining that he’s “assisting Dr. Kat with some field research, measuring CO2 levels parts-per-millions. Let's go!"

Throughout Randy's flight, he uses a scientific device that measures CO2 at every stage of his trip. From check-in to baggage, to boarding and lift off, Blythe records fluctuating, but still relatively high levels of CO2. Based on Randy’s recordings, Dr. Kat concludes that it is still very advisable to where a KN95 mask while traveling by airplane. You can watch the video below.


Worked with Randy Blythe from @Lamb of God to assess ventilation on airplanes!! Best research assistant EVER!!!!!!! Wear a mask on the plane everyone #randyblythe #lambofgod #ventilation #co2 #airplane #covidisairborne #mitigation #cleanair #travelsafely #wearamask #n95 #kn95 ♬ original sound – Dr Kat, Epidemiologist

Now, this is by no means a blow to the airline industry, who have been publicly touting that being inside an airplane is practically the safest place you can be, as it relates to Covid spread. Just last month, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby told the anchors of CBS Mornings, "It is literally going to be the safest environment you will be in indoors, because the airflow of airplanes were designed to recycled every to minutes using HEPA-grade filters… It's safer than an ICU unit in a hospital." It should be noted that United took the most aggressive steps during the pandemic to contain spread and prioritize the safety of their customers.

But I will say this, I had a chance to chat with Randy Blythe at length right at the peak of the pandemic, and we spoke about the nature of science, and mankind's inherent nature to think it knows everything. Randy is a smart dude in his own right, but he understands and respects the knowledge of others, especially when it comes to topics he's not as familiar with. I think this experiment with Dr. Kat is a perfect example of that.

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