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MESHUGGAH Drummer Tomas Haake Isn't A Big Fan Of Technical Drummers

Says the guy in Meshuggah.

Meshuggah is arguably one of the forefathers of technical metal, but drummer Tomas Haake isn't a big fan of technical drumming.

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In an interview with DrumTalk, Haake cites one of his favorite modern drummers as Sebastian Thomson of Trans AM and Baroness for his "very musical playing." He also praises ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo that just has the "it" factor to his playing.

"I don't really care so much for technical drummers. There are so many drummers that are great technicians and they would [run circles] around me all day long, so to speak, on a technical level. But at the same time, I don't really think about [that]. I'm not attracted to that — I don't go to look at drummers doing technical stuff. But when you see someone that has 'it' — the thing. Like Dave Lombardo is one of those drummers. Sebastian, Trans Am's drummer, also now out with Baroness this summer. We met him a few times. He's also one of those drummers. If you listen to a Trans Am recording, every track has the perfect drums for it — very musical playing. So it doesn't have to be a certain way, and definitely not technical."

Meshuggah is currently working on a new album hopefully out in 2020.

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