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MELVINS' Buzz Osbourne Calls Kurt Cobain Documentary "90% Bullshit"

After watching the new Kurt Cobain documentary twice, Buzz calls the film "mostly misguided fiction."

After watching the new Kurt Cobain documentary twice, Buzz calls the film "mostly misguided fiction."

Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne likes to talk a lot of shit. For example, while we may think that Dave Grohl is the coolest motherfucker in music, Buzz has less than pleasant things to say about Dave.

It's been well documented that Kurt looked up to Buzz and they were really good friends before Nirvana was even a thought in Kurt's head. So if anybody knew the "true Kurt" it was Buzz. Buzz was asked to watch the new HBO documentary about Kurt called Montage of Heck and offer his version of the story. In a new piece for The Talkhouse, he said that 90% of the piece is bullshit, adding that Cobain "was a master of jerking your chain."

One of the most controversial parts of the documentary is when audio is being played of Cobain telling a story about how he tried to have sex with a mentally challenged female student at his school. Buzz calls bullshit:

I know the whole “I tried to fuck a fat retard” story is complete bullshit. Not even an inkling of truth. That’s too good a story to have gone this long without me hearing about it, especially if, as he suggests, the girl’s father freaked out about it at the high school. In that small-town shit-hole, exciting news of that nature would have been common knowledge before the sun set. It never happened. And the trying-to-kill-himself-on-the-train-tracks story is bullshit as well. It never happened either. There it is, though, told in a recording of Kurt’s own voice so it must be true…right? Wrong.

Kurt also told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with his stomach. He made it up for sympathy and so he could use it as an excuse to stay loaded. Of course he was vomiting — that’s what people on heroin do, they vomit. It’s called “vomiting with a smile on your face.”

He adds Kurt never lived under a bridge and goes on to call out Courtney Love's motives:

When Courtney speaks, the truth is certainly there, but God only knows where it begins and ends. In the 20 years since Kurt’s death, the undisputed facts of some of her stories seem to change almost hourly. I remain unconvinced in regards to her testimony, and I don’t think I’m alone.

I find it amusing that the filmmakers never bothered to fact-check simple stuff like this, and just took Kurt and Courtney at their word. That’s a bit risky when you’re supposed to be making a behind-the-scenes documentary — but not surprising considering that not a lot of what’s out there about Kurt is the truth anyway. But no one seems to care.

After watching it twice, Buzz calls the film "mostly misguided fiction." Read his whole critique here.

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