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MEGADETH Finish Tracking Super Collider

Megadeth are on the way to super collide into your ears with some tasty jams.

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Last night, Dave Mustaine tweeted-

More 13 weirdness…we finished the record on 31313. 13 of 14 songs used; song 13 left off. It was 13 years since we tracked Silent Scorn.

If this were their thirteenth record, then the whole "13 weirdness" thing would make a lot of sense, but it's their fourteenth… so I guess the weirdness was a few years late. Misplaced coincidences aside, the band have finished tracking Super Collider, and it's sounding pretty damn sweet from what we hear on all the mini-studio updates. It almost sounds like some Countdown to Extinction-era type stuff is going on for this record with a little bit of Risk and Euthanasia thrown in there, though it's easy to get all hyped up on studio updates and then be vastly disappointed with the final product. I'll keep up my optimism and leave your opinions up to you; are you pumped for the Megadeth train to keep on rolling, or should they have counted down to extinction a long time ago? Oh, and be sure to check out Mustaine's twitter for some extra little tidbits of info!

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