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MAX CAVALERA Reveals More Info About Side Project with GREG PUCIATO; Once Puked On Eddie Vedder

Max Cavlera is out promoting his band, Soulfly's new album Enslaved and in the process, naturally, interviewers are going to be asking about the much-talked about collaboration with Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato, which coicindentally was first brought up when Puciato called into the RIP a Livecast last year. It's been a minute since we've heard any new info, but Max really opened the flood gates, in a recent interview with Loud magazine, revealing the music is written and also revealing some interesting other musicians being added to this "Nailbomb 2" project: 

Q: I understand you also have another musical project in the works as well – a collaboration with The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato. What can you reveal about that?
A: Yeah, I’m doing the thing with Greg, like a Nailbomb kinda project. We worked on “Rise of the Fallen” (from Soulfly’s previous album Omen) and it really came out great. We became good friends and we did jams together. Out of the blue, Greg had this idea that I should do a Nailbomb Part II with him, so it was his idea. So he started calling me all the time and I’m like, “Oh God, stop calling, man, I’m too busy, I got Soulfly and Cavalera,” (laughs). He would never let up and so I finally told him, “alright, let’s do it, you’re not gonna give up on it, so let’s do it”. We started jamming and it was cool, we wrote like 15 songs together and it turned out really cool. Then we got together with Dave (Elitch) from Mars Volta, the drummer, and we jammed in L.A. We got four songs done and I think we’re gonna get Nate (Newton) from Converge to play bass on the record, so that should come out later in the year. It should be pretty good.

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Nate FUCKING Newton of Converge/Doomriders? Are you kidding me? This is shaping up to be a fantastic all-star project that I simply cannot wait to hear. SOMEBODY SEND ME A DEMO!

Elsewhere during the interview, Max mentioned he's writing an autobiography and tells a tale of once puking on Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder:

Q:  Indeed. Shifting topics, I know you have an autobiography in the works. What can you tell us about that?
A: Yeah, it’s gonna be released around Christmas. I’m finishing up all the interviews; I did like a thousand interviews, man. It was crazy; going through all my life and it has really cool details of things that happened in my life. Like how I got Sepultura signed for example, which was, I had to travel to America on a free ticket from a Pan Am. I had to go as a Pan Am employee, so I had to wear a tie (laughs) and my hair pulled back, which was hilarious. I have the picture (of) arriving in New York with that, and everybody laughing at me. All the guys that picked me up, like Don Kaye and Monte Conner, and they’re all laughing. They’re like, “this is their metal hero, showing up in a tie”, you know? So that’s gonna be in the book and there will be all the funny stuff like (being) on tour with Ministry when I puke on Eddie Vedder, that became a famous story.

Q: Has he spoken to you since?
A: No, I never talk to him after that (laughs). I actually puke on him, then he cleaned himself up, didn’t get mad, and right after that I asked for an autograph for my sister (laughs). Which was like the absurd thing to do, I just got done puking on the guy and asked him for an autograph. But he was pretty cool; he was hanging out with the Ministry guys. Stuff like that is going to be in the book. Dave Grohl is doing the intro of the book, I thought he would be cool because he’s a fan and I did the Probot thing with him, and he was really cool. He’s a huge name in music and it would be awesome to have him writing the intro of the book.

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