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Matt Pike Talks New HIGH ON FIRE Record, Possibility Of More SLEEP Material

Getting high without much sleep.

Getting high without much sleep.

Matt Pike is a man who enjoys him some proverbial spotlight recently. We've been talking about the possibility of new High on Fire material for a little while now and even got a new Sleep jam for the first time in basically forever. Now there's even more information available via an awesome interview Pike did with Loudwire. First he talks about the new High on Fire record, which is set to be recorded with the legendary Kurt Ballou… but later than we expected. Damn!

“It’s an extension of Vermis, only it’s way deeper. Way deeper. I’m not going to elaborate until I have everything written and my band has all the music together. Jeff [Matz, bass] has been writing all crazy. We’ve been locking ourselves up in New Orleans. We’re taking a little time, I think we’re going to push back our recording date a little but just to make sure that everything is solid and there’s no get-by music on it. It’s all straightforward until every last note is perfect.”

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Now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Will there be more Sleep? SURVEY SAYS…

“No, I really can’t go into that. Maybe the miracle will happen if the miracle happens. [Laughs] I can’t elaborate, I’ve already said too much.”

Crap. So basically there could be more Sleep, but there could also not be more Sleep. Their single basically came out of nowhere, so maybe an album will materialize just like that as well? I guess time will tell. Until then, at least we have High on Fire this year (hopefully)!

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