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MASTODON's Brann Dailor Says METALLICA's Lars Ulrich Was Right About Napster

"He was totally right. No one gives him any glory now."

"He was totally right. No one gives him any glory now."

Back in 2000, Metallica discovered a demo version of "I Disappear" was floating around Napster before it was released on the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack, which led to the infamous lawsuit against Napster that ultimately shut the service down in 2001. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says artists who didn't fight against Napster at the time were "pussies," and also assures fans that the lawsuit wasn't about the money at all.

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Now in an interview with Let There Be Talk, Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor says he's thankful that Metallica (and Dr. Dre, at the time) stood up to Napster, because he feels as though Lars was just looking out for the little guy.

"He was totally right. No one gives him any glory now. Everyone gave him so much shit about it, saying he's just a rich rockstar. No, he was trying to protect the little guy that's gonna be coming up.

"The only way we're putting any food on our tables and our floors for our pets is out there on tour. Where bands would do a couple tours a year, now it's just non-stop touring. That's not healthy, my friend."

Oh, and Dailor also once got into a fight in middle school with a dude who said that Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield was a better drummer than Ulrich.

"Lars was one of my guys, I love Lars and I love his playing. I don't know why [he gets a bad reputation]. It really bothers me. If someone talks shit about him – I stuck up for him in middle school and I'll stick up for him now!

"I once got in a fight in middle school for him. We went to see Metallica, Queensryche was opening, and their drummer was Scott Rockenfield, great drummer.

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"The next day, some kid talked smack about Lars. 'Scott Rockenfield's way better, Lars sucks!' I was like, 'Fuck you!' We got into it, tussled a little bit. I told Lars about it, he was proud of me."

I think it's safe to say that Dailor may be an Ulrich fan.

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