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MASTODON Drummer Says The Band Was Never Supposed To Write A New Song For MONSTERS INC. Sequel

We got a bit too excited earlier this year about the possibility of hearing a new Mastodon track this summer as a part of the push for Disney's Monsters University, the sequel to Monsters U, but that didn't end up happening. Turns out it was never supposed to happen.

Our friends at Metal Insider spoke to drummer Brann Dailor and asked him what happened with the movie:

So a few months ago, it was originally announced that you guys would be contributing music to Monsters University, but now it’s just an older song appearing in it. What happened?
Nothing happened. That was the original thing. I don’t know what got misconstrued. I’m not sure what was said in the press. I think people thought that we were doing the score or something. That’s not true at all! [laughs] It was like a little gag that they wanted to do. They were like “we love Mastodon, and we’ve been using this song for this gag in the movie, can we use it?” And we were like “yeah, sure.”

Bran, what happened was your guitarist Brent Hinds sort of spilled the beans (and then deleted his comment) which led to all the speculation. I guess Brent was misinformed the whole time.

As for how Brann felt about having his song in the movie:

I thought it was a little weird, but who am I to say who’s a Mastodon fan? I guess it’s feasible that a Mastodon fan could work at Pixar as an animator and would really want to have a little bit of our song in the movie.

Mastodon announced plans to enter the studio in September with hopes of putting out a new record in spring of 2014.

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