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Marty Friedman Is Selling Some Of His MEGADETH-Era Guitar Gear

Talent sold separately.

Talent sold separately.

Marty Friedman, perhaps best known in America as the ex-guitarist for Megadeth, is teaming up with to sell off some of his Megadeth-era gear. Some gear Friedman is selling includes Crate amplifiers he used on all five Megadeth records he was on between 1993 and 1999. Friedman says "are the amps responsible for my sounds back then" both live and in the studio.

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Here's a list of what he's also selling, which of course includes more Megadeth gear, a guitar he's had since he was 15 or 16, and the guitar he used on his 1992 solo album Scenes.

  • A Black 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar and a Black 1999 Gibson SG electric guitar that Friedman purchased in the mid-'90s after recording two Megadeth albums with producer Dann Huff and playing several of his Gibsons. "I used them on tour quite a bit. I've also done a lot of recordings with them in the late '90s," Friedman said.
  • A Black 1990s Fernandes Strat-style guitar that Friedman had created as a clone of the Fernandes guitar he used to create his second solo studio album, Scenes. Of the original Fernandes, Friedman said: "It didn't sound like any guitar I ever played before. I plugged it in and it was like the heavens parted — it had the most beautiful, glassy, clean, melodic, full-of-pitch, full of beautiful resonance tone that I'd ever heard in an electric guitar." Of the Fernandes he's selling, Friedman added: "This clone is the closest anyone will ever get to matching the clean tone of that magical guitar."
  • A 1990s Bradley Firebird-Style Copy electric guitar that has been with Friedman and his family since he was 15 or 16. "I've played this guitar more than anything, but I've probably never played it in front of anybody but my family," he said.
  • Several traditional Japanese musical instruments, including a shamisen that Friedman used for the solo on Nastymachine from his fifth solo studio album, Music For Speeding, and a koto. "Japan has always been a big influence on my writing and playing, even before I moved here. It's been a big force in my music altogether," said Friedman, who has lived in Japan for the past 15 years.
  • A Tech 21 Trademark 60 amplifier that Friedman used on many recordings throughout the 1990s.

The store opens on October 23. It's also worth noting that Friedman's live album One Bad M.F. is out today and that you can grab a copy below.

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