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Man Arrested For Slashing Three At BROKEN HOPE/DEICIDE Concert Earlier This Week

We have some new info on the scary scene at the Tricky Falls club in El Paso, Texas on Tuesday night, Oct. 22. During Broken Hope's set, an argument broke out and three people, not one as originally reported, were cut with a box cutter. The alleged perpetrator has been arrested and is currently in custody. 

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30-year-old Jesus Ortega, pictured above, has been apprehended and is currently being held on bonds in excess of $150,000. He's being charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

No word on what caused the arguement, but three people were found with cuts to their neck, chest and heads. The victims, who were ages 24, 35 and 39, were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. The club security apprehended Ortega and eventually handed him over to police.

Obviously, the finger is being pointed at the venue security who should never have let anybody with a box cutter in, but they said there was thorough searches conducted before the show.

In a new statement to Metal Insider, Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner stated:

I have learned that during our set, that there were a few victims who were cut by the same assailant (wielding a box-cutter). One victim was cut across his throat. Thankfully–by some miracle–paramedics arrived within minutes and tended to the victims wound and saved his life. The assailant was subdued and arrested by the police. Crazy shit, guys. I’m glad the victims are going to survive.

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It's a relief to hear that nobody was seriously injured. Metal shows are about having a good time, not bullshit violence like this.

In related news, a day after this incident, Broken Hope was kicked off Deicide's tour in dramatic fashion.

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