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SLIPKNOT Percussionist Creating 'Maggot Bible'

Clown – aka M. Shawn Crahan — from Slipknot has always been the artsy one in the nine-piece, and now, he wants all of his "maggots" to get a little artsy. He is creating the Maggot Bible, a book comprised of nothing but visual artwork from nothing but Slipknot fans in the form of poems, short stories, illustrations, and photos. Here is his official statement: 

“When you feel a certain way and you think you’re alone, you can open this book up and read stories, poems and glare at photos or other mediums of creation to help you breathe and realize you are not alone,” Crahan writes on the Maggot Bible website.

Submissions are only being accepted through the mail, which is pretty cool considering that Clown wants to be able to hold the artwork 'in [his] hands'. You can read more about the idea behind the book on its website, as well as legal info to mail with your submission(s).

[via ThePRP]

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