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MACHINE HEAD Are Free Agents, Parting Ways With Roadrunner Records?

If I make a list of quintessential Roadrunner Records bands, without question, Machine Head would be on that list. The band have been with the label their entire career, and helped build the label into the juggernaut it became. Then, Roadrunner sold to Warner Music Group and earlier this year there were quite a few casualties, with many offices closing. The biggest shocker was the release of one of their bigger A&R reps, Monte Connor, who practically built the metal portion of the label.

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So it isn't surprising that Machine Head seemingly will not be releasing another album with the label. Frontman Robb Flynn recently gave an interview where he said Unto The Locust was their last commitment to the label and they are now "between labels." This isn't the first major metal act to depart this year, as Devildriver similarly left the label

This begs the question, "Does metal have a space in the new Roadrunner Records?" With two of the bigger bands defecting, could it be the moment where Roadrunner transitions into more of a traditional rock label? In recent years, the label signed legacy acts like Lenny Kravitz, Lynyrd Skynyrd, would there be room for metal? The one vestige of hope was the signing of Gojira this year. I guess time will tell.

Ultimately, Flynn does not rule out the possibility of resigning with Roadrunner, but has has that they are weighing out their options. Flynn's whole rant on Roadrunner is worth a listen. Here is the portion of the interview with the juice:

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[via MetalSucks]

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