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Looking for solos on this BLACK DAHLIA MURDER tour? Don't!

On Monday, we reported that guitarist/soloist John K. had abruptly quit THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, but the band would keep going with their December tour. This left many wondering, what about the solos? Was Brian going to pick up the slack? Turns out he's not! Metal Injection junkie BipolarBass posted this in the forums yesterday:

Saw The Black Dahlia Murder as a 4-piece at the Picador in Iowa City. Great show. All the opening acts were great. Black Dahlia ruled as usual…just no solos…not even an attempt. But none the less it was a badass show. Trevor says they have someone lined up to take John's place. Don't hesitate to go to a show on this tour, you wont be disappointed.

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Whaaaaat? What's the point then? In sad memoriam, lets go back to a time when BDM was still a five piece and absolutely destroyed the Summer Slaughter tour:

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