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Let's Talk About SLIPKNOT's New Masks

Today is a big day for Slipknot fans. After years of waiting and teasing and lawsuits, the band is finally band with a new album cycle. This morning, Slipknot released the first official single from their new album, We Are Not Your Kind, "Unsainted" and with it, a brand new look for most of the members.

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Obviously, the music speaks for itself, but we thought we'd dive a little deeper and take a look at their new masks. Some of them look really cool. Let's dive in.

#8 Corey Taylor

Obviously, Corey is front and center and the first member of the band you see in the video. You don't see his mask at first, but he eventually reveals it and it looks pretty awesome. It looks somewhat transparent, so you can see his face under it, but still relatively creepy. Here are all the stills we gathered from the new music video.

For reference here's Corey's mask from the last album:

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