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LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe Formally Indicted On Manslaughter Charge In Czech Republic

We knew it was coming! A few weeks ago, we reported that a Czech prosecutor recieved a report from the Czech police with their filing on the Blythe case, and the prosecutor had to make a decision. Today that decision was made, Blythe is being indicated.  

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The Lamb Of God vocalist is being accused of (what amounts to) manslaughter, based on allegations that he pushed a fan at a 2010 show in Prague, and the fan suffered injuries from that push that eventually led to his death. Blythe was held for five weeks in a Czech prison, until being let go on $400,000 bail. Any footage released from the show does not show the incident.

A new report from states that the State Attorney's office in Prague has officially indicted the Lamb of God frontman on a manslaughter charge this past Friday (November 30th). Update: Lamb of God's management released an official statement on the indictment. Read the statement in full the moment Blythe was released, he has stated he would return to stand trial. If Blythe is convicted, he may spend up to 10 years in a Czech prison, which is something he would not look forward to. When speaking to Metal Hammer magazine earlier this year about the possibility of going to jail, he said this:

"Ten years with no time off for good behavior. For my particular charge — we're saying manslaughter, but it's assault in the fourth degree with intent, resulting in the death of this young man — the sentence for that is five to 10 years with no time off. So the worst-case scenario is that get out when I'm 51, 52 years old. It's not something I really try to dwell on too much, because it's scary. I don't want to go to prison, I don't want that to happen, but the fact of the matter is it could happen. I will deal with it as it comes, that's all! can do. If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you're pissing on the present. And right now, all! have is the present so I prepare myself the best I can. My band is behind me and my family's behind me and we're gonna do our best to prove my innocence. But worrying about a nebulous uncertain future, or being super-bummed out that l went to prison for 37 days does me no good."

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There is still a trial to be had and Blythe could be vindicated. Let's hope Randy has good representation. Lamb Of God is currently wrapping up their first US tour since Blythe's release. Dates here.

Perhaps this is also a good time to mention this is not an open invitation to spew prejudice remarks about the Czech Republic. This decision does not represent the country as a whole, only their legal system and to spout rhetoric about how the "Czechs suck" is not doing anybody any favors.

Read our previous coverage of the trial here.

[via Blabbermouth]

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