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LAMB OF GOD To Go On Hiatus After Its Current Tour

For real this time. No more surprise records.

For real this time. No more surprise records.

Lamb Of God's past few years have been nothing short of insane. Vocalist Randall Blythe was arrested in 2012 for accidentally harming a fan in the Czech Republic, who later died from his injuries, and was later acquitted of the charges in 2013.

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The band went on "hiatus" after that, but was secretly working on VII: Sturm und Drang in 2014, which dropped in 2015. Lamb Of God has been, on tour ever since then, and Blythe says it's time to really go on hiatus after their ">upcoming tour with Slayer and Behemoth is over. (By the way, we're giving away a pair of tickets for each stop of that tour.)

Here's the rather lengthy statement given to Sixx Sense (below), though what else do you expect from Blythe? If there's one thing the dude is, it's extremely thorough in his points being made.

"I got out of prison and immediately went on tour, because I had five lawyers and they were just hemorrhaging money like crazy. I went from jail to home to, ten days later, being at Knotfest to home for a month or two, then out on tour with Lamb Of God, then back to the Czech Republic to go to trial, found not guilty, then come home, then finish up the rest of our tour and finally end in South Africa. And then we took a little time off, but there were some changes in the organization and they started writing another record and we need to make money, so it was back in the studio. And it was back on tour again for this last record, and that cycle is not gonna end until August or September of this year, I guess. So it's just been, like, grinding, grinding, grinding. And when I'm not on the road, I'm working on writing and photography."

"[These are] things that make me happy. But it's at a point now where it's, like, at the end of this tour cycle, it's gonna be, like, boom, it's time to take a break for real and concentrate more on writing and being at home with the family. It's time for me, now, at the end of this… 'Cause we got off, after I got done with the whole prison thing and then finishing that tour, we got off the road and then we started writing a new record, and then we recorded that record. And we didn't tell anyone that we were recording — nobody knew. They thought we were just chilling at home, and then we go on tour before the record even comes out."

So that sucks, but can you really blame them? It doesn't even sound like Lamb Of God was too stoked on making VII: Sturm und Drang, let alone another record to come out soon.

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[via Blabbermouth]

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