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LAMB OF GOD Announces Something As BURN THE PRIEST For This Friday

With the tagline "The Ressurection Continues…"

With the tagline "The Ressurection Continues..."

Lamb of God began as Burn The Priest in 1994 and changed their name over to Lamb Of God in 1999. Then earlier this week, the band posted a cryptic teaser video that teased "Burn The Priest" was coming on March 23. Nobody knew if that meant there was a new album called that coming, or a new song called that, or if they were switching their name, or what.

While we're still not clear on the full extent of what's going on here, we now know that Lamb of God will do something as Burn The Priest this Friday, March 23 somewhere in Richmond, Virginia. The flyer looks like one for a show, but the "event" starts at 10am – so probably not a show. At the same time though, the flyer says "All Ages" and has an opener, so what the hell is it?

The flyer's art is the artwork for the band's Burn The Priest album from 1999, and the bottom says "The Ressurection Continues…" The bottom of their post also says "Inherit The Earth," which isn't the name of any Burn The Priest album or song…

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