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KORN's Jonathan Davis Misses Nu-Metal Camaraderie

And the music! No wait.

And the music! No wait.

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently sat down with Metal Trails Music Magazine for a pretty lengthy interview, during which time he said he misses the band camaraderie of the 1990s between all the nu-metal bands. To which I ask a very specific group of readers who were in nu metal bands from the 90s- did anyone else feel like this or is Davis just getting all "good ol' days" on us here? I also think it's funny he mentioned Limp Bizkit in the bands they got along with at the time because I never pinned Fred Durst to be an easy guy to get along with. I like his music though, for what it's worth.

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Anyway, as someone who has been involved with metal for probably six or seven years now, I do feel like there's a lot less "brotherly love" going on and a lot more in-fighting and and general trash talk. Definitely not cool!

“You’re dealing with kids and in any kind of metal scene… Kids are kids and so they’re gonna… there’s always gonna be that friction cause they’re kids. For me, I just love all music, I’m not gonna hate on it. I don’t care who came first or what kind of metal is better than what kind of metal. Aren’t we all in this together you know? I miss that about the 90′s.

Back in the 90′s, the band camaraderie was way different. We all were brothers, we were all pushing each other on, hoping. Stuff we did with Bizkit or Staind—those bands, it was a brotherhood and we helped these bands along. It seems like it’s kind of got lost now these days.”

[via The PRP]

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