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KORN's Jonathan Davis Continues Political Activism Against Dictator Obama

Jonathan Ché-vis has some thoughts on politics.

Jonathan Ché-vis has some thoughts on politics.

Thanks Jonathan for giving us some great stuff to write about these last few days. In the aftermath of the band's most recent music video release for "Spike My Veins,"  Davis appeared on the Alex Jones show talking about how we have a dictator running the country now.

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Well, turns out Davis will talk to anybody who will listen. TMZ cameras caught up with the Korn frontman at an airport, I assume LAX, and he went off even more on Obama, while excusing pop figures like Miley and Justin Bieber for just living their lives:

I think I understand what J.D. is saying here… ultimately Obama is using the media to focus on pop culture figures to distract the country from his "dictator-like" laws. Look Jon, the media doesn't cover politics not because they are in bed with the President, but because talking about Miley Cyrus humping a bear gets them ratings, and they are in the business of making money. If the President decided to arrest Miley without any wrongdoing, THEN maybe the media would care, but until he does something that can "go viral" they'll stick to Justin Bieber street racing.

[Thanks for the tip, Raphael P.]

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