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KING 810 Is So Badass They Needed Armed Gunmen On The Stage

It's the coolest thing you'll see all day ever!

It's the coolest thing you'll see all day ever!

Well, this is the second time King 810 has gotten their own dedicated article here on Metal Injection and it's still not for anything music related. Last week some dude carved a giant "K" into his leg for the band and now they're being written about because they had armed gunmen on the stage during their festival appearance during Rock on the Range. Man, I thought these guys were lame but now I think they're really cool and super amazing badasses! Who else would need gunmen on the stage with them if they weren't that cool?

Also, did you know frontman David Gunn got shot? He's like metal's 50 Cent! In a new interview with Noisey he explains how it happened:

It was a robbery. I was walking home and a truck pulled up next to me. They had a shotgun. Basically one dude stepped out with a knife and I wound up getting into it with him. So I had a little knife fight with this kid and during that the other guy decided to take a couple shots at me. I just wouldn’t give them anything. It was one of those situations like 'give me your bag' or 'give me whatever you have,' and I just wasn't going to. I didn't care about guns and knives or living, so I just wouldn't, and I got shot a couple times.

So edgy!

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