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"They'll Be Shot From The Stage" – KING 810 Frontman on Hypothetical Terrorist Attack At Their Shows

Gunn pushes back on claims that the band have “excessive use of guns and violent imagery.”

Gunn pushes back on claims that the band have “excessive use of guns and violent imagery.”

Earlier today, we reported that a KING 810 tour stop at a venue in the southside of Chicago was cancelled when the promoter noted he got a ton of complaints from local residents because of the band's image and “excessive use of guns and violent imagery.”

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Frontman David Gunn just released a video statement, refusing to apologize “the gun thing is part of the culture where we’re from, it’s inherently part of the band, it’s not something we apologize for or regret or anything like that." Gunn notes there have been hundreds of King 810 shows without any gun violence and he considers “excessive use of guns” to be omething like what happen with Dimebag, or… what happened in Paris,” refering to last year's attack on Club Bataclan by terrorists leaving over 100 Eagles of Death Metal fans killed.

The statement then takes an interesting turn, when Gunn offers a vague threat saying "if anyone ever comes through the front door with automatic rifles, they’re gonna be able to kill 150 people at a King show, they’ll probably be shot from the stage." Good to know that King 810 fans will be safe, by being caught in the middle of a shootout.

Here's Gunn's statement in full:

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