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KERRY KING does not find KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Adam D. amusing

adam dWTF Kerry King? During a recent interview, King was asked about current Mayhem Fest touring mates, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and was pretty open about his disdain for Adam D.'s on stage shenanigans:

When asked about the reports that SLAYER once threw KILLSWITCH ENGAGE off one of its tours, King said "We actually didn't get able to. I tried. Because I'd never seen 'em live, and then I saw them live at some, I don't know, maybe at Kerrang! Awards over in Europe. And I'm just offended by the silliness that goes on on stage [on the part of] the guitar player [Adam Dutkiewicz]. He puts his foot in his mouth all the time and he says stupid shit, and I just didn't think that side show should be on my stage. So I pulled the plug on the spot, but on that particular Jägermeister tour, we didn't have any product and they did, so Jäger kind of insisted, and I went… They're all friends of mine, so I said, 'OK, I'll deal with it.' Still don't like it."

Wow dude, chill out! Honestly, as of late, Adam D's antics is all that keeps me interested in watching KILLSWITCH. Nothing against the band, as they are very talented musicians, but I'm just over Killswitch. I've seen them so many times that the only thing keeping me interested is "What is Adam going to do next?" With that said, I do remember the first time I saw these guys on the Headbangers Ball tour in 2004, I thought this guy is funny but this is too much. So I can see where King is coming from, but at the same time dude, settle down! The ultimate goal at a show is too have a good time and its clear KsE know how to have it.

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