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Justis Mustaine Speaks Out On HAVOK Being Pulled From The MEGADETH Tour

The argument rages on.

The argument rages on.

Yesterday we posted about Havok being pulled off the upcoming Megadeth, Amon AmarthSuicidal Tendencies, and Metal Church tour.

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Long story short, Havok alleges mismanagement and an unfair contract from Mustaine Management, which is run by Dave Mustaine's son, Justis. After Havok released their statement, Dave Mustaine, in a series of tweets, revealed another side of the story:

Now Justis is commenting on the situation via his Facebook, basically keeping in line with what his father said.

I'm not sure "gossip mongering" is exactly what Havok did. The band informed its fans that it would not be participating in the tour, and gave its side of the story. The Mustaine's responded in a timely fashion, and maybe well never know the truth of the matter. We're just presenting the news as it happens, since we're a news site and all and that's how news works.

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The one good thing about this whole ordeal is that Lillake is being put on the bill, and they're fucking phenomenal.

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