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Joey Jordison's VIMIC Still Hopes to Release Debut Album

Who knows if it'll happen.


Vimic, the band featuring ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and ex-Strapping Young Lad guitarist Jed Simon, announced in October 2017 that they were working with Megadeth guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine on their debut album Open Your Omens. The band released a single with Mustaine titled "Fail Me" after three singles in 2016. Then there was a whole lot of nothing. Last we heard about Vimic was from Jordison in 2018, who said the band is still "100% active."

In a recent interview with Gabriel Gignac, Vimic vocalist Kalen Chase said he hopes Open Your Omens will come out eventually.

"I would love to answer that," said Chase. "We're all still friends. There is a lot of issues with our business. We started on Roadrunner, and we left on good terms with them. A lot of us had other projects, and it just never worked out with the time. And there's a lot of things that just kind of went down to make the scheduling really difficult.

"I hope that the record comes out one day, and that's always a possibility. I just don't know. It's out of my hands, because I'm not in charge of the music and there's a whole label situation, and stuff like that. If it ever happens, great. I would love for you guys to hear the other songs, 'cause they're awesome. But as of now, that's all I can on it, unfortunately. I'm just really glad that at least we have those songs to share with people so you guys at least got a taste of what we were doing."

Vimic has not updated their social media since November 2017.

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