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JOB FOR A COWBOY Fans The Flames Of Reunion Rumors

Posted by on August 16, 2019 at 1:19 pm

Job For A Cowboy never officially broke up after their 2014 record Sun Eater. Though the band never toured on the record, never had any new promo photos, and eventually posted a picture of their touring van burnt to a crisp. So it seemed pretty safe to assume that they were on hiatus. Job For A Cowboy reunited once in 2016 for a festival appearance with drummer Jon Rice who left the band in 2013, but that's it.

Then all a sudden last year, three-fifths of the band (vocalist Jonny Davy, and guitarists Alan Glassman and Tony Sannicandro) reunited as Serpent Of Gnosis. Davy also recently appeared on a new Cognizance track, making it at least guessable that he's back doing music once more. Then Ghost Cult Magazine published a short article saying they had "been hearing for a while from sources close to the band that Job For A Cowboy are plotting a legit comeback with new music (an EP) and possibly some shows." The article was shared by Job For A Cowboy, who added "Interesting quick writeup from GhostCultMag."

The account made sure to point out that Serpent Of Gnosis is a "different band."

It's also worth noting that Metal Blade recently repressed the band's records Doom and Genesis on vinyl. Which of course could be a coincidence, but it does seem like there's an awful lot of activity all of a sudden, right? Officially, who knows what'll happen, but I personally am very much hoping for the return of Job For A Cowboy.

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