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Jesus Got Thrown Out Of An EXODUS Show

Jesus doesn't turn the other cheek in the pit.

Jesus Exodus

Jesus got tossed from an Exodus show in Penticton, British Columbia for being a little too pissed off. According to concertgoer Jenn Moffat in a report from Info News, the man dressed as the Son Of God got progressively angrier as the night went on and missed most of the show.

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"He was fine when we met him but then we saw him later and he looked really angry so we started referring to him as 'angry Jesus,'" she said. "Pretty sure he spent the night in the drunk tank. He missed most of the show."

Fellow concertgoer Kevin Matheis also joked that Jesus got the boot during "Suicide Messiah" and got carried out by four officers. Man, Jesus really fucked up huh? Or at least got fucked up and then did… whatever it is that he did.

"Not sure what he was detained by security for," said Matheis. "He was carried out by four security guards, one on each limb… kind of like he was on a cross. The kicker is the song 'Suicide Messiah' was playing while this unfolded. You can't make this stuff up."

But perhaps most important is the fact that Exodus guitarist Gary Holt had a laugh after injuring himself.

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"You can’t make this shit up!" said Holt on Instagram. "A little humor to follow my doctors visit for x rays after I ate shit on a slippery bus step getting off at the border crossing. Worse pain ever, but nothing broken. Probably under skin blood clot. Fucking hurts but standing hurts the least so Grand Forks! I may not be all over the stage tonight , or doing much of anything but riffing out, but it’s gonna be sick!"

The best part is that the man donning the Jesus garb was unidentified. So who knows – maybe that was the rapture and Jesus just totally beefed it, and that's why he was so pissed.

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