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Jason Newsted Lost "Tons Of Money" on NEWSTED Solo Project According to Guitarist

Makes sense. Bands ain't cheap.


Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted made some serious waves quickly with his new project Newsted in 2012. The band released an EP and a full-length in 2013, and began popping up all around the world for shows. Then in February 2014, Newsted cancelled an appearance at Australia's Soundwave over "private and personal circumstances", and shortly thereafter Jason got off all social media, never to speak of the band again.

Mike Mushok, guitarist for Newsted and Staind, recently appeared on The Jasta Show and talked a little bit about his time in Newsted. According to Mushok, Newsted was paying for everything for the band it just got to be too much.

"I think he was happy with it. I think the touring thing was hard. I don't think it was exactly what he expected it was going to be. But listen, it was fun. I really enjoyed him. I really enjoyed our time together and playing. We're still friends; we still communicate… We were playing smaller places, but the shows were always good; they were always fun. I just think it cost him a ton. 'Cause he was footing the bill for everything. So I think that at the end of the day, he's, like, 'I'm doing this 'cause of my passion for it and what I love, but I'm bleeding here.' We had this European tour that I think cost him a bunch."

Mushok had kind words for Newsted though, saying he really enjoyed being in the band and was astonished at how hard Jason worked.

"Jason is a hard worker, man. We would practice 10 hours, he'd record the whole thing, and when we were done, he wouldn't walk out of the control — he'd sit there and listen to it. I'm, like, 'Dude! Come on, man.' I mean, there's a hard work — I'm a hard worker, but this guy was next level."

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