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DEP 2024

Looks like The Dillinger Escape Plan founding guitarist Ben Weinman and vocalist Dimitri Minakakis are up to something. Weinman posted a brief teaser on his Instagram with Minakakis mostly filled with laughing and goofing around, though with some singing of the "43% Burnt" riff thrown in. The Dillinger Escape Plan's 1999 album Calculating Infinity turns 25 in 2024, if that's even what Weinman and Minakakis are getting at.

All we know is that we caught up with Weinman earlier this year to discuss a potential The Dillinger Escape Plan reunion show, who said that a reunion with vocalist Greg Puciato wasn't in the cards anytime soon. Whether or not there's one with Minakakis remains to be seen, so who knows – all we've got right now is a fun little teaser for… something?

"The truth is that any discussions of a reunion with Greg have been shut down before money was discussed," said Weinman in part. "There have been no concrete money offers for a reunion with Greg – meaning that the conversations have never gotten to money as they've always been shut down immediately – that I or anyone on our team is aware of.

"I think there was some preliminary talks thrown around for us to do Furnace Fest, but our agent's response was that we are not entertaining reunion offers at this time. The end. I have been approached a few times indirectly by people who had talked to Greg while he was out on the road about doing a reunion, and what was conveyed to me was that he really wanted to do it and that it should be discussed with me.

"My response to anyone asking was that The Dillinger Escape Plan would not be performing with Greg and that we ended that chapter of the band in the appropriate way, as everyone saw. I'd like to leave it at that. That is really all there is to it. I'm not sure what Greg's intention for releasing this info was but hey… not my monkey, not my circus as they say. He is a very talented person and I think the people out there collaborating with him will make some awesome shit. I certainly cherish everything we did and feel extremely proud of our work together."

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"He was kind of on to something on that because it kind of started to take a downturn after that."