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Is MESHUGGAH Using 9-String Guitars Now?

The Earth is going to explode.

The Earth is going to explode.

Last night I was scrolling through my news feed and noticed djent-themed Facebook page The Djentleman's Club was posting about Meshuggah, who I'm always keeping an eye on for any kind of news. They posted a picture of the band in an unidentified German guitar magazine holding two guitars… one of which has more strings than we're used to for the band. Behold!


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Now before we get to where I'm going with this, keep in mind the band had stated in September of 2013 they'd probably begin writing a new record sometime early 2014. Considering it generally takes the band about three or four years between records, we can safely assume we will more than likely not being seeing a new Meshuggah record this year. All of that considered can we assume the band are either toying with or even demoing new material with the 9-string? This would put the group down to a low C as the bottom note, an entire fourth below where they normally are on an 8-string!

All that being said, we have already heard Meshuggah go this low! Seriously! On "Spasm" from their Nothing record, guitarist Fredrik Thordendal tunes his lowest string on his 8-string down to Bb, or a whole step lower than the ninth string on the above guitar… so before y'all get all preachy, keep that one in mind.

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