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IRON MAIDEN Invites Fans To "Belshezzar's Feast" On July 15

Belshezzar's Feast. July 15.

Recently there was a pretty elaborate theory surrounding a poster touting something called Belshezzar's Feast, and it all tying back to Iron Maiden releasing new music on July 15. Turns out that entire theory was dead on, as the band has just posted "An Invitation" to Belshezzar's Feast on July 15. No word on if that's the name of the new song or a new album, but hey – new Iron Maiden is coming!

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As a brief recap, this all started back in 2019 when longtime Iron Maiden producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley posted in his social media recap that he was "working very hard on an unnamed but not-very-secret project" throughout the year, which left "a loud ringing in my ears." This was followed up in both 2020 and 2021 by members of the band hinting that something might be coming.

Then fans began finding flyers for "Belshezzar's Feast" at the Download Pilot fest. The flyers featured, among other things, the dates July 15 and the Roman Numerals IMXVII. The latter of which is not a valid Roman Numeral, and could stand for Iron Maiden 17 (this being their seventeenth album). Oh, and Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson also wore a "Belshezzar's Feast" shirt in his recent BBC interview.

Then there was mysterious Twitter account @bels_feast that joined in June 2021. That account has predictably been "trying to get to the bottom of things" and is retweeting additional instances of that same poster.

Anyway, Belshezzar's Feast. July 15. Prepare yourselves. Yesterday, we posted some pretty wild footage of Iron Maiden playing a small Brooklyn club in the late 80s. That can hold you over for now.

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