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ICP To Sue FBI Over Gang Classification

Hey, remember when the FBI put out a report saying that juggalos are a gang, and a threat, thus they are watching them closely? We thought it was pretty silly, so we avoided the story, but Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J were none too happy about it. In fact, they have "retained legal counsel to investigate and pursue legal action" in response to the assessment. Seriously!

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ICP have launched Juggalos Fight Back, a site where they are asking any juggalos to submit stories of them being treated unfairly because of their chosen lifestyle.

Check out this press release:

“We are seeking individual Juggalos whose rights have been violated as a result of the mistaken belief that they are a ‘gang member.’ If you or someone you know has suffered any negative consequence with an employer, governmental representative, including law enforcement, border patrol, airline security, or other local, state or federal governmental agency or employee as a result of your status as a Juggalo, we want to know about it.

We are seeking individuals who have experienced any of the following based on a government employee or other’s knowledge of the Juggalo ‘gang’ status as stated in the 2011 National Gang Assessment:

1. Stopped by Border Patrol (U.S., Canadian or otherwise)
2. Stopped or denied ability to fly on an airline
3. Increased criminal sentencing or denial of parole
4. Transfer of a juvenile criminal offender from juvenile court to circuit (“adult”) court
5. Denial of job opportunity, loss of employment
6. Denial of permit to march, boycott, assemble
7. Denial of a vendor to sell Juggalo merchandise
8. An injunction preventing the Juggalos from congregating in any area, wearing Juggalo clothing, displaying tattoos
9. Pulled over or detained by law enforcement
10. Any other denial of a right, liberty, property”

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The law firm of Hertz Schram urges Juggalos who meet the above criteria to share their experiences with their legal team at no charge. Juggalos are asked to fill out a short questionnaire that may be completed online at

Incredible. I actually applaud ICP for doing this, as it further pushes their brand as "us vs. them" while also preaching equality. This is so for-real that at this past weekend's Gathering of the Juggalos, Violent J delivered a "State of the Union"-like address to his jugga-audience…

This needs to be taken to the supreme court. So we can hear Woop Woops all across our nation's capital.

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