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HIGH ON FIRE's Matt Pike Says Everything Is Fucked And We Need A Revolution

"We’re due for a fucking big shitstorm and I think it’s gonna get cleared out."

"We’re due for a fucking big shitstorm and I think it’s gonna get cleared out."

Matt Pike of High On Fire and Sleep fame has shared some extremely interesting opinions in the past. He's spoken about the "truth" behind 9/11, and has called himself a "conspiracy factist." Now, one night before the world exploded post-presidential election, Matt Pike told Loudwire that there needs to be a revolution, and that pretty much everything is fucked. if only they'd have caught him the day after everything happened…

"We need a French Revolution, I’m telling ya man. Our media is fucked, our politicians are fucked, our government is fucked, the whole world hates us because of what these fucking douchebags have been doing. It all goes back to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, you know the Zionist movement, which is the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are the gentiles that are in cahoots that own all the world’s money. And it’s so weird. They’re all pedophile Satanists that run around and they’re not really what they say they are, but that’s their little front.

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We’re due for a fucking big shitstorm and I think it’s gonna get cleared out, because I think other powers that be, seeing what’s going on in the world, they can’t let us keep going down this path. I believe there’s going to be an intervention. I don’t know if it’s aliens, I don’t know if it’s god, I don’t know if it’s anything."

I think we can all agree about the "fucking big shitstorm" bit considering the path the world is currently headed down. Pike does follow up that comment by saying that "Planet X is on its way in and everybody knows that it’s fact now, even NASA admits it" too, so take that for what it's worth.

So is Matt Pike a little nuts? Or does the dude have a point?

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