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HERMAN LI Offers MACHINE GUN KELLY A Guitar To Break Over His Knee


Herman Li DF

Apparently Machine Gun Kelly has taken to breaking guitars on stage and acting like it's the most badass thing anyone has ever seen. According to what looks like a TikTok captured by Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li, Kelly breaks guitars on stage "when things go wrong" and notes that he's broke "17 guitars on tour." Y'know, kinda like an overgrown child throwing a tantrum on stage. Use your big boy words!

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Anyway, Li would like to see Kelly break one over his knee just like he did that one time at Hellfest. Though unlike Kelly, Li just laughed it off, got another guitar like an adult, and kept play. It was also clearly an accident, unlike Captain Tantrum over there.

"That's pretty good, actually," said Li. "But Machine Gun Kelly, I want to see you break a guitar with your knee the way I did. So why don't you try that? If you want a guitar to do it, you can take any [of the ones behind me]."

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