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I'm never quite sure how to stylize Hellyeah, and this always bothers me when I write posts, but whatever. You guys don't care. What you do care about is the fact that Hellyeah has been confirmed for this summer's Gigantour festival.

Also on the summer tour this year will be David Draiman's new band Device, Megadeth obviously, and some opening band called Death Division.

Yeah, I've never heard of the band either but a quick Google search shows that it is a new band featuring Jerry Montano, formerly of Hellyeah / Nothingface, and the almighty Tim Yeung, from Morbid Angel Divine Heresy.

I once read a rumor that Jerry punched Tom Maxwell in the face one night at Vinnie Paul's strip club in Dallas, which led to his departure from Hellyeah. If that's true, it will be interesting to see the two on tour together. Maybe they've all patched things up since then. Who knows.

One thing I do know is I've never heard of Death Division, and it's weird they've never come across our impeccable metal radars at Metal Injection. I found what appears to be their only released song, called "I've Had Enough". You can listen to that below and tell us what you think.

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