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What the hell is Dave Mustaine talking about?

With the amount of coverage we've been giving Dave Mustaine lately, I almost feel like I need to spin off a new blog just for Mustaine quotes. It's so hilarious. Our buddy, Chris Harris has been posting leftovers of an interview he did with Mustaine a few months ago, and there have been some top notch quotes from MegaDave. This particular one had me scratching my head. Chris asked Dave what it was like playing the Big Four shows in Europe (of which we have entire sets of pro-shot footage) and Dave responded with the most non-sensical answer to perhaps ever come out of his mouth:

Me: What moment do you remember most from those Big Four shows overseas? I mean, I know reconciling with James and Lars was probably up there, but beyond that?

Mustaine: I remember the black sea of T-shirts started changing color when the rain came. One by one, they’re putting on slickers and rain coats. They’re blue, bright orange, bright yellow, bright yellow, another bright blue one next to it and all of a sudden, you look out there, and it’s like a rainbow in the audience. And my guitar tech — for Dave and Chris — goes, “Man, its like there was a promise made, man, and that God was telling you its over dude, and its like a whole new beginning,’ and I was looking out there and it was really symbolic, because there were no more black T-shirts and it was really like a rainbow out there. And ever since that day, its been like a while new world for me. I feel like I’ve had this straight-jacket taken off of me, and its the most unbelievable feeling.

Does anybody understand what he's saying? How much drugs was the dude on during these Sonisphere shows? Perhaps he should meet up with this guy…

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