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Head Thrashing Slots Every Metal Head Must Play Today

Posted by on August 6, 2019 at 7:48 am

If you are like the late, great Lemmy Kilmister, and you like to take a dance with lady luck when you’re not down at the front of the pit, then you might have already browsed your favourite online casinos for a suitably rocking slot machine to take a punt on. Unfortunately, given that our favourite musical genre is rarely topping the charts anywhere but in the likes of Finland, our pickings are more than a little limited!

That’s not to say there aren’t any slots that are ideal for those that live life on the heavier side. Just don’t be expecting to see the likes of Behemoth, Black Dahlia Murder, or Mayhem immortalised in the slot section of your online casino of choice any time soon! If you are looking for more amazing slots of different themes, make sure to check out this list which includes best US casinos.

Names that Didn’t Make the List!

First off, although the hard rocking slot machines are few and far between, we have decided to leave a few musical offerings that metalheads may well enjoy off the list. We could have mentioned slots dedicated to rhythm-and-blues guitar maestro Jimi Hendrix, or LA hard rockers Guns N’ Roses but we didn’t really feel the acts they represent are quite heavy enough to really bang your head to.

Then there’s The Osbournes slot machine by Microgaming. Understandably, this got a pass from us since the MTV reality show was certainly the least metal thing the Prince of Darkness has ever been involved in. We’d much rather see Ozzy terrorising bats than wandering lost around his California mansion.

Disclaimers out of the way, let’s look at the finest metal-music-themed slot machines the internet has to offer.


Of course, the band that penned the legendary heavy metal homage to gambling, “Ace of Spades”, would have a slot machine in their honour. The Motorhead Video Slot is made by veteran iGaming firm NetEnt and kicks off with a full-on cinematic intro of a live performance from the iconic, hard-rocking trio.

It sets the tone perfectly for the main game itself, which is not only full of great sounds from the group but will likely impress even veteran online gamblers. The first thing that grabs attention is the fact that the action takes place over a very unconventional grid. The first two reels are just three rows deep. The next two are four rows deep. Finally, the last reel is five rows deep. This means there are a total of 76 fixed pay lines along which to match symbols associated with the band.

In terms of special features, the Motorhead slot comes loaded. There are mystery reels, which can enhance winning combinations, and the Bomber Feature that creates additional mystery symbols. There are also 10 free spins up for grabs by landing three of more “scatter” symbols (Motorhead logo) anywhere on the reels.

Although this whole slot, with its opening live metal performance; cool, moody setting; and constant Motorhead imagery throughout is sure to delight almost all rockers with a penchant for a punt, the standout feature for those musically inclined is certainly the “Rock Mode”. At any time during the game, players can click the “Rock Mode” button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and a different classic Motorhead track will blast out above the constant ambient noise of the crowd. The icing on the cake of this great feature is when you terminate “Rock Mode” and a different sound sample has Lemmy himself rounding up a track. It really gives a feel of a proper live gig!


Yeah, OK. Kiss aren’t exactly the most brutal of heavy metal bands but as we mentioned, the pickings for headbanger-friendly slot machines are pretty slim.

Even though Kiss are unlikely to solicit even the most meagre of moshes these days, the slot machine is actually pretty good! Like The Motorhead Video Slot, this one has a really unconventional gameboard. It features a 5×4 grid on the left and a “Colossal Reel Set” 5×12 grid. All told, there are a total of 58 pay lines along which to match symbols.

The different levels of payments are each represented by different band symbols or the face cards from a standard deck. A particularly nice touch is that the band members can appear in large stacks and, as you’re probably well-aware, they’re a colourful bunch to look at. Along with its non-standard grid and big stacked symbols, there is a frankly enormous free spin and instant win mode with the “Kiss Feature”.

Of course, there’s a rocking soundtrack but unlike the great musical accompaniment of the Motorhead slot machine, this time it only plays when the reels are in motion. You do get to listen to portions of a random selection of a handful of the band’s seminal hits over the decades though. It’s nice. If you’re that way inclined…

Honorary Mention – Megadeth

For those of you familiar with the crossover between online slots and heavy metal, you might be aware that thrash pioneers Megadeth used to get featured in these kinds of lists each and every time. However, it appears that the much-loved slot from Microgaming has now been discontinued. We couldn’t find it listed anywhere and even free-play versions have now disappeared too. This is a real shame too, particularly given that our pickings as metalheads when it comes to slot machines are so slim already!


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