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Head Thinks DEFTONES Don't Want To Tour with KORN Anymore

Korn and Deftones are two bands that came up together in the Southern California scene and have toured together countless times over the two decades they've been bands, but could the last time they toured together be their last?

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That seems to be what Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch thinks. In a new interview with, he basically said as much:

“When we see ’em, it’s, like, ‘Hey, bro, what’s going on?’ But we’re not close with ’em. They just like to do their own thing. We would like to tour with ’em again one day, but I don’t think they want to, so… But it’s all good. When we see ’em, we just don’t talk about touring. We’re just, ‘Hey, bro. How’s the family?’ Stuff like that.”

I doubt there are any hard feelings between the two groups, and I'm sure it's more of a business decision in that if the two bands co-headline, they'd have to split the majority of the earnings, whereas if they headline on their own, they keep a greater share. That's just me speculating though. As Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks points out that Chino will be interviewed soon enough to offer his point of view about this.

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