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Have PESTILENCE Broken Up?

The air seems much less disease ridden, BUT AT WHAT COST.

The air seems much less disease ridden, BUT AT WHAT COST.

Here's something completely and totally out of left field- Pestilence has called it a day according to frontman and guitarist Patrick Mameli on Facebook. Mameli says the band is currently not active and calls what they're doing a "permanent hold," which appear to be a polite way of saying they've thrown the towel in.

"As of now, Pestilence is no longer active in recording new material. As a matter of fact, it's on a permanent hold, as I want to concentrate fully on my new project Necromorph. The style will be more brutal, more crazy, more tech, more futuristic and more death. I'm pretty sure all my fans will dig this! Please don't be sad about Pestilence. We've been holding the Pest flag strong for 25 years and we feel it's now done. I thank all my fans for being there and supporting us all the way.

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If there is any interest in Pestilence doing old school shows in the future, me and Patrick Uterwijk, will surely think about the options. I thanks all the Pestilence members since '86 for their musical talent and input.

HAILZ TO THE FANS, we all love you.

Now, let's give birth to NECROMORPH!!!!!!"

Mameli says he will concentrate full-time on a new project called Necromorph. Considering Pestilence just put out Obsideo in 2013 and updated their Facebook with festival pictures as recently as mid-May, the break up seems to have come out of nowhere! Amicable at the very least, we're guessing given the language of the below statement.

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