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Hate Eternal look like some of the meanest motherfuckers in metal, but after meeting Erik Rutan and company, I've come to realize that they are in fact some of the nicest people ever. I've also learned through this awesome new post on MetalSucks that the dudes and I share another thing in common, we love to eat! Apparently, the band will go to any lengths to get some good grub on the road:

…Hate Eternal are total foodies. One of the first things Rutan said to me on the first night of the tour was, “We’re not like most other touring bands. We will go to insane lengths and spare no expense to eat well.” The maniacal grin he had on his face as he was imparting upon me this bit of information did nothing to prepare me for just how culinarily insane things would get during the time I was out with them. We drove like madmen through the streets of Montreal at 3am on a Tuesday to score incredible Chinese food. We rushed to a pastry place in Simonetto’s neighborhood one morning after an overnight drive from Toronto to make sure the freshest possible baked goods were obtained. We ordered gourmet pizza in New Jersey to tide us over for the drive during the inevitable traffic jam into New York City. We’d automatically tune into the Food Network whenever a TV remote was within reach. Not to mention the hours and hours of food discussions and meal reminiscing while driving, I’m crowning Hate Eternal honorary Bravest Men in Metal for being high fallutin’ gastrosluts, which is totally out of character from what most people would probably expect. Next time they come through your town, don’t bring down booze, drugs or your band’s demo; just point ‘em in the direction of the best eatery in town and watch them play their set twice as fast as normal.

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You have to check out the whole interview, where the band discusses their biggest splurges and the best cities to get certain types of food.

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