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GOROD Is In The Studio (That They Built)

2014 just got a little more exciting.

2014 just got a little more exciting.

Gorod had been posting sporadically on Facebook throughout the past few months about themselves building a studio, and now that that's all done the band are inhabiting it to bring us some new music! According to a post made by the band, they're currently tracking rhythm guitars and hope to post up a teaser of the new music sometime soon.

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The record will be a follow up to the group's 2012 A Perfect Absolution, which in my opinion was their best work to date. Excellent mix, really varied songwriting while maintaining a coherent core to the songs and plenty of tasty riffs and sections to go around a few times! If I had to guess at it, I'd say we'll see their untitled fifth record out probably sometime December.

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