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GOJIRA Won't Do A The Way Of All Flesh Anniversary Tour Because of A Challenging Song

"I like when bands do that but I don’t feel like we’re capable of doing that."


Anniversary tours seem to be becoming more and more popular in the rock and metal world. Essentially, a band will go out and play a record front to back live on special birthday years of certain records, though Gojira has no interest in doing so. The band's 2008 album The Way Of All Flesh will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2018, and Gojira's Joe Duplantier tells Metal Insider the band has zero interest in doing anything special tour-wise for it.

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"No. We're not into whole anniversary thing. Maybe we'll release something, you know, like a special edition but I don't think we'll play a gig where we play the whole album or something like that. I like when bands do that but I don't feel like we're capable of doing that. There's always that one song in the record that we will never play because it's too challenging."

Duplantier also says the one song he really doesn't want to have to play live off the album would absolutely be "Esoteric Surgery," because there are some bits in there that are just stupid hard. It's not that he couldn't if he wanted to though, he says he's just lazy.

"'Esoteric Surgery.' There's these few seconds that are super challenging. As a guitar player, I can play the whole song easily. As a singer, I can sing the whole song. But doing both together is a bit challenging. I could do it but I'm just super lazy. Sorry."

In related and good news though, we might finally get the Sea Shepherd EP in 2018!

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