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GLEN BENTON On What Keeps Him Going: "Revenge"


Glen Benton has been fronting Deicide since 1987 when they were known as Amon. So what keeps Benton going over three decades later? In an interview with Chris Garza of the Garza Podcast, Benton offers the following advice: "Revenge. Yeah, success is the best revenge. It's the truth though, man. I mean, I do this because I just love rubbing the salt in the wounds. That's what keeps me going."

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When asked exactly who Benton wants revenge against, he responded: "Every motherfucker I can't stand on this fucking planet, man, is what keeps me going. There's a lot of them, man. It's like they're all sitting on the edge of their fucking seats waiting for me to go 'I quit' or 'I retire.' They're waiting for that. That's what's keeping me going, because I'm not going to give them that satisfaction. When I go, it'll be on my terms."

When framed like that, I can see where Benton is coming from. The guy wants his career to be what he wants his career to be, and isn't going to cave to outside pressure to alter the course. And given the success Deicide has had over the years, it seems like that mentality is working out for him just fine.

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