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Get Your Nü-Metal On: JNCO Jeans Are Officially On Sale!

JNCO jeans are back in production. Not back on people though… not yet.

JNCO jeans are back in production. Not back on people though... not yet.

Look. I was born in 1990 and when I was a id, I had a pair of JNCO jeans. If you were born pretty much anywhere within the proximity of 1990, you had a pair of JNCO jeans and you're not fooling anyone by pretending that you didn't.

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Granted, I wouldn't buy a pair of them now because I'm an adult and I'm not trying to have frosted tips in my hair or chain my wallet to my belt loop like it's going to fly away, though at least I have the option to do so.

You can pre-order yourself a pair of the jeans before they hit shelves in December via Amazon or the official JNCOs site… wait, were these jeans always so damn expensive? Is anyone really going to chuck $60 or $70 at a single pair of JNCO jeans? I could just go buy the new Coal Chamber album and pretend like its the late 90s all over again, except I'll enjoy that more and be noticeably less poor.

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