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French Doom Lords STONEBIRDS Get Heavy with "Time"

The French doom masters are back with their most massive sounding release to date!

The French doom masters are back with their most massive sounding release to date!

As a young doom nerd going to high school in France there were few regional bands that I could really connect with, bands that understood the genre and played it in the vein of some of my favorite groups, like YobElectric Wizard or Neurosis. That's where Stonebirds came in, as one of the lone French purveyors of truly potent art doom. (Also fun to note is that their bassist sold me a The Dying Seed shirt when I was 15!) Of course they bring so much more to the table than that, routinely unleashing moments of experimental grandeur or delving into crushing Amenra-esque bridges. There is a devastating might to what Stonebirds do and it makes their latest offering, Time, incredibly exciting.

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The band had this to say:

After a long and frustrating wait our album Time is finally out! We  recorded it live in October 2016 at Kerwax Studio, Britanny, France(check them If you're interested in old analog gear ).  Time is about our perception of …time, how we try to destructure it, how mankind transforms it…As always with Stonebirds we tried to transcribe the feelings, emotions that this topic gave us, into music. Our main influences comes from visuals, memories and stories, our countryside… If you like long mid/slow tempo tracks, fuzz, reverb, rough sounds, Time must be for you.  Once again we've worked with French illustrator DZO on the artwork, his work matches with our vision of music. There will be an alternative cover for the vinyl version, which will be more in the spirit of our  previous album Into The Fog… And The Filthy Air. We took a lot of pleasure in writing, working on and recording Time, and we're now ready to play it loud to the face of the world. Hope you will like it.

Jam it now:

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