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CODE ORANGE Calls Out ASKING ALEXANDRIA: "Fuck Their Fake Rockstar Mentality"

Posted by on September 7, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Code Orange are a hardcore band that are all about the music. They are not here to get rich, or "sell out," they just want to make aggressive music. Asking Alexandria are also about the music, have topped the Billboard music charts, sold some significant records and they are also about the party.

Asking Alexandria were recently interview by Rock Sound for a segment called "Remember That Time…" where guitarist Ben Bruce and drummer James Cassells bragged about destroying hotel rooms and general rockstar excess…

Code Orange, who happen to be a sober band, happened to see the footage and decided to share it with their own commentary:

Regretfully came across this awful interview. Losers like this are why we exist. Fuck bands and people like this and fuck their fake rockstar mentality. They will be the first to go

Bruce has since commented on the video, saying he was young and dumb at the time:

Now you're caught up on today's silly little beef.

Here's an interview we conducted with Code Orange's drummer Jami, discussing some of the band's beliefs.

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