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Expect New LAMB OF GOD Music in 2011

Expect New LAMB OF GOD Music in 2011

Lamb of God have been on the road non-stop ever since their last release, Wrath came out in February of 2009. Having just wrapped up a run on the Rockstar Mayhem Fest, you'd think they'd be done. Nope. They still have a few places overseas to hit, but once that's all said and done, they are ending their touring cycle in December and will begin focusing on writing. Here is what drummer Chris Adler had to say about the matter in a recent interview with Bloody-Disgusting: You've got tour dates lined up in South America as well as dates with METALLICA again later this year. What other tour plans have you got in the works?

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Chris: Well, we've been out since December of 2008 and the longest we've been home is three weeks since then. So, we're going to end in December of 2010, which would make it a full two-year touring cycle, which a lot of bands don't get to do these days really. We're very lucky that people want us to come around that much. So that's it! Mayhem was our last U.S. run. We're going to take the month of January off, see if we can reconnect with our family, see what that life looks like [laughs]. Then maybe we'll get together and start writing a new album! So there are tentative plans to approach a new album in the beginning of next year?

Chris: Yeah! Actually one of our guitar players, Mark [Morton], has like seven or eight demos he has put together on his own. Willie [Adler], the other guitar player, has three or four as well. February, we'll put our heads together and see if we can mash those into something special.

New LoG in 2011? Why not? Sounds like a good time. If the band is planning on writing and hitting the studio in February, it probably means the album would be released either in the late summer /early fall. Excited?

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