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Ex-SWORN IN Guitarist Accuses Former Vocalist Of Scamming Fans

Tyler Dennen vs. his former bandmate.

Sworn In Hoodies

Sworn In parted ways with vocalist Tyler Dennen in 2018. Guitarist Eugene Kamlyuk moved over to vocals, drummer Chris George moved over to guitar, and the band recruited new drummer Alex Marcelletti. Sworn In would sadly only last a few more years and ultimately called it quits in 2022.

Dennen then tried recently to celebrate Sworn In's 2013 album The Death Card with a run of new hoodies and things haven't been going well. The hoodies were put up for sale in November, but according to Dennen he got flagged on Paypal and all the money is no longer accessible to him. It seems that anyone who paid with Stripe had their hoodies produced and will receive them, but the PayPal folks will be refunded and a new store has been opened to receive re-orders.

"So Paypal is on some bullshit and has flagged and permanently limited my new business account created for the hoodies, all the money in the account is not accessible to me, which means I'm unable to pay to have those hoodies produced," wrote Dennen. "I have been on the phone with paypal all month regarding this issue, and they have not been able to do anything to appeal the limitation and release the funds.

"All hoodies ordered using STRIPE have been produced and will be shipped this week. With that being said, ALL ORDERS PLACED USING PAYPAL HAVE BEEN FULLY REFUNDED. If you would still like a hoodie, the store is still open and payment can be processed through STRIPE. I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience, understanding and support. Reordered hoodies will be promptly produced and shipped, 3-6weeks."

George has been pretty vocal about his feelings on Dennen, saying in early November "i think Tyler is having a mental breakdown with the fake SI hoodies lol." George then accused Dennen of taking money for vocal features that he never delivered on, and later outright called Dennin a scammer in response to one fan: "Don't feel bad, you tried to support a band that you liked! Not everybody knew that Tyler was a scammer and Sworn In has nothing to do with his illegal reprints."

Dennen has only responded saying that Sworn In illegally removed him from their LLC, noting "The band illegally removed me from the bands LLC and have been withholding my royalties for about 6 years. I don't owe them a thing." As for the hoodies, they seem to exist? At least according to a video posted by Dennen. Though who knows how this will all shake out if he doesn't have any of the rights to The Death Card or Sworn In.

Long story short, I don't think we can ever expect a Sworn In reunion with Dennen at this rate.

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