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Ex-FAITH NO MORE bassist in a new band with…KORN GUITARIST??!?!

What the hell are you doing Billy Gould? First, you absolutely upstage everybody in the very awesome FAITH NO MORE, with your amazing bass licks shining through above anything else on those masterpiece records featuring nothing but talent, then you disappear off the face of the planet, only to resurface…in a side project…with the non-religious-freak guitarist of KORN?!?!?! Dude, why? WHYYYYY??

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I don't want to go off on a rant here, because maybe this project will be relatively listenable (other than Munky and Gould, the band is rounded out by Wes Borland on guitar, Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion) and some nobodies on keyboards) but come on dude!! You're Billy F'N Gould! You could be doing way better. I feel the same way as when I see a really hot chick walking down the street with the biggest douchebag as her boyfriend.

Ok, rant over. Surely, we will keep you up to date with this band's happenings as their Myspace page currently has no music samples. The fine lads at MetalSucks (who went on rant of their own) did manage to find a really good FAITH NO MORE video showing off Billy's amazing skill to calm you down just a bit before realizing that this band will never record another record:

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