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Why is MOTLEY CRUE's Tommy Lee Playing on the Next SMASHING PUMPKINS Record?

It makes no sense!

It makes no sense!

Pro-wrestling promoter Billy Corgan is getting back into the music game once again by reactivating Smashing Pumpkins for the 50th time.

Corgan is working on two new Pumpkins albums and one of them, Monument To An Elegy, will feature Motley Crue drummer and renowned porn star Tommy Lee drumming on all the tracks. See, that's them up there in the studio!

Can you imagine back in 1994 or whatever if this news came out? Corgan would be banished from the alt-rock community. But now, 20 years later, when both musicians are past their prime this is being heralded as somewhat exciting, I guess?

I will say, before I had zero interest in checking out new Smashing Pumpkins music, and now it's up to like mayyybe 2% interest, so congrats guys!

[via MetalSucks]

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